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Mario Madiai

Mario Madiai

Mario Madiai was born in Siena in 1944 and studied at the "Art Institute" of Lucca. While still young, he moved to the coastal city of Livorno, where his precocious talent was promptly recognized by critics, collectors and experts alike. Since the early 1970's, Madiai has enjoyed wide success, and his works have been displayed throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Paintings of Madiai have recently been entered in the permanent collection at the "Museum of Modern Art Mario Grimoldi" and museum "Museo d'Arte dello Splendore". Madiai is among the most recognized and critically acclaimed names of contemporary Italian art, and is considered the last legitimate heir of the elegant and semiabstract art trend "Macchiaioli" indigenous to the city of Livorno.

The continuous and obsessive search of new subjects and methods of expression have been Madiai's signature throughout his career. Recurring subjects have dominated his output and may be divided into mono-thematic cycles, such as: "Interiors", "landscapes", "gardens", "tables remembered", and more recently, "The flowers the leaves and the water", "sunflowers", and the "roses".

The same subject, portrayed dozens of times, transformed into real characters, the protagonists of an unexpectedly complex story, are projected like shadows onto varicolored backgrounds. At times distant, their diffused color surfaces from a center point to the scene of light, at other times the shadows advance, partially concealing the image and concentrating it into a vision of ambiguity.

An important and fundamental aspect of Madiaiís work is the technique of creating the background, which he has developed as part of his never satisfied, relentless strive for perfection. After having delineated the details of the painting, Madiai covers everything with a layer of paint, allowing it to drip or to absorb onto the canvas, as his instinctive artistic desire dictates him. As a result, real subjects that may otherwise seem mundane are reinterpreted and filtered by magic atmospheres.

More recently, Mario moved to a spectacular cottage in the enchanting Pisa countryside, where he dedicates his time between his passion of painting, and his new love, making wine. The wine is called "Malacoda", a pure merlot of distinct ruby color, and of complex and refined bouquet. Mario Madiai is the first artist vintner to hand-paint each label, creating a unique object with each bottle.

The passage of time is a central theme that runs through all of Mario Madiai's painting. In the ghost images of submerged roses, in the childhood objects spread on a tabletop, in the blossoms of the lemon tree in spring, or in the silvery background of the same tree in winter, the awareness of time passing is implicit. His images serve as metaphors that remind us of the significance of time and the importance of its invisible work. His painting can be seen as a perception of an image present in the continuous flux of time, as if vision were being transformed into contemplation, or a drama; and this is the drama of life itself.

Time Line

Cisternino del Poccianti (Casa della Cultura), Livorno
Galleria Fante di Picche Livorno
Circolo Culturale, Empoli
Galleria Bergarnini, Milano
XXIII Premio del Fiorino, Florence
Galleria Menghelli, Florence
Accademia Gioviano Pontano, Naples
Galleria Macchi, Pisa
Galleria d'Arte Palazzo Letteraria, Verona
Rassegna nazionale di pittura, Pistoia
Rassegna di pittura contemporanea Regione Toscana
Galleria Menghelli,Florence
Nuovi versanti della pittura in Toscana, Museo
Galleria La Bussola, Turin
Expoarte, Bari
I Settimana senese di arti figurative, Siena
Galleria La Rupinaro, Chiavari
Galleria Comunale P. Pascucci, Grossetto
Galleria II Nuovo Fuso, Parma
Picture oggi in Toacana, Galleria Comunale d'Arte
Contemporaries, Arezzo
Expoarte, Bari
Galleria d'Atre Contemporanea Prisma, Verona
Galleria L'Arcadia, Livorno
20 Pittora oggi in Toscana, Centro Studi sull Arte
Lucia C. Ludovico
Ragghianti, Lucca
Segnalato Bolaffi (Pier Carlo Santini
Galleria Menghelli, Florence
Galleria L'Arcadia, Livorno
Arteiera, Bologna
Viaggio Pittorio in Toscana, Galleria Comunale
d'Atre Conremporanea, Arezzo
Cisternino del Pocciano (Case della Cultura), Livorno
Galleria Ippocastano, Rome
Artefiera, Bologna
The Soloman Gallery, London
Arco, Madrid
Galleria Locus Solus Flos, Gioia del Colle
Fiac, Paris
Galleria Menghelli, Florence
Art Fair, London
Arco, Madrid
Galleria II Segno, Catania
Galleria Narciso, Rome
Galleria Davico, Turin
Art Fair, Stockholm
Galleria Athena, Modena
Hanson Art Galleries, La Jolla
Artefiera, Milan
Christian Gallery, Marano
Contemporary Art Fair, Los Angeles
Museo La Foret, Tokyo
Galleria II Nuovo Fanale, Genova
Galleria II Segno Contemporaneo, Brescia
Art Fair, Stockholm
Galleria Barozzi, Vignola
Inter Arte, Valencia
Galleria Meghelli, Florence
Galleria Forni, Bologna
Art Fair, London
Galleria Forni, Tokyo
Galerie Prom, Monaco di Baviera
Galleria Davico, Turin
Galleria II Cenacolo, Piacenza
Galleria Novecento, Salerno

Audtorium 2 Pini, Rome
Galleria Aliseo, Campiglia Marittima
Bottega d'Arte Excelsior, Marina di Masss
Galerie Prom, Munich
Graphis Arte, Livorno
Forni Tendenze, Bologna
Galleria L'Incontro, Ancona
Galleria Forni, Bologna
Expoarte, Bari
Artest, Udine
Galleria Rotta, Genova
Premio Ginestra d;oro, Portonova
Galerie Prom, Munich
Expoarte, Bari
Artefiera, Bologna
Forni Tenderize, Bologna
Expoarte, Bari
Galleria II Quadrifoglio, Siracusa
Galleria Ciman, Asiago
Galleria Marieschi, Monza
Galerie Prom, Munich
MiArt Milan
Country Life, Parma
Galleria Signoretti, Pesaro
Galleria Davico, Torino
Galleria Forni, Bologna
MiArt Milan
Palazzo Cesi, Acquasparta
Galleria II Cenacolo, Piacenza
Galerie Prom, Munchen, Germany
Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona
Galleria Prima Visione, Gallarato
Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China
Galleria Forni, Milan
Galleria degli Aschi, Comisa
Galleria 61, Palermo
Miami Art Fair, Miami, USA
Galleria Forni, Bologna
Galleria Prom, Quinta del Lago, Portugal
Artefiera, Bologna
ArtAncona, Ancona
Albemarle Gallery, London
Galleria Forni, Bologna
The Lewis Gallery, Carmel, CA.
Galleria Forni, Bologna
Panorama Museum, Bad Frankenhausen, Germany
The Lewis Gallery, Carmel, CA.
Galleria Alberto Misrachi, Mexico City, Mexico.
The Lewis Gallery, Los Angeles Art Show, Santa Monica, California, USA.
Gallery V, Columbus, Ohio, USA.
The Lewis Gallery, Art Miami, Miami Beach, Florida, USA.
Mahan Gallery, Columbus, Ohio, USA.
"Pinocchio Amarcord", Castello dei Vicari di Lari, Lari (Pisa)
Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca, Lucca
A Muse Gallery, Columbus Ohio, USA
Enoteca Winelabor, Castagneto Carducci

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